Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some things

I'm writing this from my brand new HP Mini! We got it a few weeks ago and we're still getting used to the fact that we have a laptop again. And, not just any laptop, one that is just so wee! The smaller keyboard is taking some getting used to, but other than that it is just fabulous.


I just returned from a doctor's appointment. I didn't think anything was wrong with me. It was an appointment that was forced on me by the doctors office so I could continue getting my prescription for my blood pressure refilled. The nurse also said that they wanted to run some labs since it had been a while since they were done.

So, I went to the appointment at about 9:30 without having breakfast (because of the labs they wanted to do). I nearly hit the floor when the nurse showed me the blood pressure reading - 172/110! I had no idea it was even high, let alone that high. I've been taking my medication regularly, but now that I think about it my head has been hurting for the last two weeks or so. Hmmmm. I guess more drugs for me then. I hope nothing too terrible shows up on the bloodwork.

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