Monday, March 23, 2009

My mother-in-law is handy

My mother-in-law (I'll call her Nanny) is coming for a visit on April 1st.  She'll be staying with us for ten days - yippee!
I love it when she visits us.  If she and my father-in-law would just move here already we would be very happy people.
This morning I thought of a very wonderful benefit of having her home all day with nothing to do while we are at work - cook dinner.
I cook dinner maybe three of the five weeknights.  The other nights we're either just too busy or,  forgot to take something out or, are way to exhausted to put any effort into it.  Sometimes we have take-out, sometimes we have cereal.
So, to say I'm excited to have a home cooked meal waiting for me when I get home is an understatement.
I also thought of another benefit of having Nanny here - she'll be able to wash the Chipmunk's sleepsack!
The Chipmunk likes to use the top of this sleepsack as his comfort item.  The second we put it on him he sticks the top part where the zipper is straight into his mouth.  He probably sucks on it all night.  Why he won't suck his thumb, is beyond me.
After a few nights of this treatment, the sleepsack is all kinds of nasty - washing only helps, but it does not get completely clean.  Unfortunately they are expensive, so we only have one.  The one we have is made out of fleece, which means putting it in the dryer is a no-no if you want to keep the fleecy quality of it.  Since we're not home when he is not, it's extremely difficult to wash the thing.  He's so attached to it, he struggles to sleep without it while we wait for it to air-dry. 
With Nanny home during the day while we are at work and the Chipmunk is at daycare, the sleepsack could get washed everyday!  This brings real joy to me - the thing might actually get clean!
Do you think Nanny will mind these chores?


  1. Which brand sack is it? I have a couple Riley never wore that I can send you.

    Yeah MIL! Can we call her BMIL? British Mother in Law?

  2. BMIL - that's great!

    It's a Halo Sleepsack, the kind without sleeves and zips from the top down. He'll be transitioning to a different kind soon for summer, but thanks for the offer!

    I have something for Riley. I keep meaning to send it, but it's not supposed to fit her for another year or so. I have to remember to stick it in the mail before it gets lost in the boxes of boy clothes.