Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who doesn't like Redi-Whip?

Remember how I've mentioned that the Chipmunk won't eat anything unless it's been pureed?  I wasn't joking.
He'll be 10 months old next week and he still hasn't had a cheerio.  We've put them in his mouth, but after about two seconds he starts gagging and proceeds to projectile vomit.  It's not pretty.  We've also tried him on those Gerber Puff things since they just dissolve the second they get into your mouth.  That produces the same effect as a Cheerio.

Last night we tried Redi-Whip.  Hubby put some on the tip of his finger and let the Chipmunk lick it off.  We thought he would love it.  I mean, who doesn't like cream or sugar?  Put them together and it should have been fool proof!  I mean, the stuff practically disintegrates the second it leaves the can.  He should have loved it - dammit!
You can guess what happened, can't you?
He gagged and projectile vomited the second he tried to move the stuff from the front of his mouth to the back.
When is he supposed to get over this?  The Monkey was eating Cheerios at seven months and could probably do it semi-unsupervised by ten.  I don't remember it being this hard.  Even now, if the Chipmunk's rice cereal isn't as watery as he would like he starts the whole gag routine.  I know kids develop at different rates, but this seems a little extreme.  At the rate we're going, he'll be in Kindergarten before he's able to eat like a toddler.  Any suggestions?


  1. 10 months? Really? It doesn't seem that long ago!

    What has your doc said about the eating thing?

    Do you read The New Girl? She had the same problem with her daughter TLNG, I think she had an eating therapist to help learn to eat.

  2. The doc says that he'll grow out of it eventually.

    I spoke to one of the other mom's at soccer practice tonight. She's an occupational therapist. She gave a me a few things to try. Hopefully they work, it's beginning to get a little annoying when he does it when we're not home.

    I don't remember reading a follow-up to TLNG's eating issues. That must have been when I was in newborn haze. If I have time, I'll go and try to find it.

  3. Sproglette hated eating. She learnt to spit within a day of starting on baby rice. At eighteen months, she was living on Cheerios, Hula Hoops, Party Ring biscuits and milk. This didn't improve much until she was over two.

    If she'd been my first, I'd have gone crazy. Since she's my third, I was crazy already and totally past caring. Now she's four, she's more adventurous with food than my boys. Go figure.

  4. Have you tried one of these:

    That way he can get used to other tastes - and when you find something he really likes then you could offer it to him without the feeder. Watermelon would be a good start. These things are a real pain to clean though and I'd look around cause you can get them for cheaper than this site. I think babiesrus has them.