Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guess the baby-weight

Our main car is a Dodge Neon.  It's supposed to seat five.  I say the only way it's going to seat five is if it's two adults and three very small, not in any type of car/booster seat, children.  So really, it seats four with room for jackets.
Hubby and I commute together practically everyday.  This means that all four members of our family squeeze into the (very small) family car at least twice a day (it's especially funny when we have to go to Costco or Lowe's). 
The Chipmunk is still facing backwards in his car seat, even though he turned 1 yesterday and could theoretically be turned around.  To accommodate the rear-facing car seat the front passenger has to ride sitting straight up with his/her knees up against the dashboard - this is safe, right?  We're waiting until his one year check-up on Friday to determine if he has reached 20 pounds yet.  At his nine month check-up he was only 18.5 pounds, so there's a good chance that he hasn't made it (especially with all the puking and teething he's been doing lately).  As much as I would love to turn the seat around, I do want to make sure the Chipmunk has reached the appropriate weight to do so. 
I'm guessing he's not 19.5 pounds yet, let alone 20.  How much do you think he weighs?

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