Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My camera is dead. 
It's been dying for a few months now, but there was always some way to bring it back to life.  Right now it's on life support when it really shouldn't be.  It can't take pictures at all, though it can show you what's on the memory card.  That's not what I want, or need from it.  It lasted for just over 5 years.  I think it's lived a good life.
I was so disappointed yesterday when I wasn't going to be able to take a picture of the Chipmunk trying to figure out what that hot glowing thing in front of him was (it was the candle on top of the cupcake he puked up).  We gave the Monkey a really cheap digital camera for Christmas but we hadn't seen what it can produce until right before we sang Happy Birthday to the Chipmunk.  It's crap.  All of the pictures look like they were taken by someone in a car that was going 60 mph.  We ended up using a disposable camera the Monkey had been given from my in-laws, but who knows if the pictures will actually come out (or if we'll even bring it to be developed). 
So, I'm looking for a new camera.  I want a DSLR, but I really can't afford one.  Of the cheaper varieties I have seen, none of them come with a lens - I think they're kind of important, right?  Can I use the camera without a lens?  Also, if I could afford a cheap to mid-range one, which one would be the best?  Also also, can DSLR's shoot video?  Or, will I have to get a different device for that?
I hate that the camera chose now to completely crap out.  I don't want to go back to my 35mm.  I like the instant gratification of knowing whether or not what I took is the shot I wanted.   I don't want to be a professional photographer or anything, but something decent would be great.  I'm desperate right now and I don't think that's the best attitude to go shopping with since I'll probably end up getting whatever looks nice but might not do what I want.
So - help me choose a camera.  If it means that I'll have to wait until our tax return next year, then so be it...I guess.

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